Project Outcome

Accessibility Infrastructure

Installation of special infrastructures on the beaches of Paralimni and Syros municipalities showing a strong tourist movement, for the access of people with mobility problems. In particular, it concerns the installation of an autonomous (and energy) access ramp at sea.

Accessibility Guide

Creation of Accessibility Guide for people with mobility problems. The Guide will be distributed to basic entrance gates of the areas (e.g. airports), but there will be the possibility, for the user, to receive all relevant information via electronic devices (e.g. mobile phone). The application will also be supported by a website (web platform) which will be developed according to the principles of interactivity of Web 2.0. and through which all the accessible infrastructures of the two regions will be represented in digitized panoramic form.

Special Wheelchairs

Supply of 24 special access wheelchair. Wheelchairs will be available for use on beaches and places of tourist interest.

Special Pathways

Construction of accessibility corridors in selected areas with intense tourist traffic.

Fitness Areas

Creation of outdoor fitness areas. Special sport machines will be placed in 5 selected areas for people with mobility problems.


Supply of accessible sanitary areas.


2 studies for the recording of accessible infrastructures (1 for each municipality/partner).

Public Briefing

Organizing 4 informative events/meetings, 2 per year at the headquarters of the partners.



This partnership combines the experience, the knowledge and the ability to design, manage and implement a project with the content and features of the present.

Main beneficiary: Cyprus Paraplegic Organisation

Beneficiary 2: Municipality of Paralimni

Beneficiary 3: Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis