Passenger cars of parents who have children with disabilities are exempt from the registration fee. The decision was taken after mediation by the Ombudsman to the Ministry of Finance on the occasion of reports that arrived at the beginning and mentioned the refusal of some tax office to grant the fee exemption because the car was owned by the And not to the minor beneficiary with the disability. The Ombudsman suggested that they be included in the provision for exemption from traffic charges and the cars belonging to adults who exercise parental responsibility for persons with disabilities.

The Ministry of Finance responded positively and promoted a provision for a vote which states: At the end of Fri. 3 of article 16 of N. 1798/1988 (a 166) Two new subparagraphs are added as follows: “Also, the exemption from the traffic charges to which minors in the above categories are entitled may be granted until their adulthood to the person exercising parental responsibility or Any reason to have their guardianship for a single vehicle, even if it exercises parental responsibility or guardianship in more minors. In the event of the death of a disabled person for whom the abovementioned exemption from the registration fee was granted, the registration fee shall be due from the following calendar year of the death of the Disabled” (N. 4539/2018 GG A 85, No. 29).