The pilot procedure for the award of welfare allowances to people with disabilities is extended to the regional unit of Thessaloniki from Monday, July 23rd.

It is recalled that this pilot process has already been in place since last March, in the region of Attica.

The aim is to simplify the access of disabled people to welfare benefits by using modern technology.

According to a statement by the OPEC administration, all persons with disabilities who are interested in receiving for the first time welfare provision of any form (submitting for the first time an application for examination by the CEFR) are obligated to participate in the pilot project if They reside permanently in the regional unit of Thessaloniki.

From Monday 23 July, interested parties will submit applications:

In the community centres of the municipalities of the regional unit of Thessaloniki or the regional service of OPEC Central Macedonia (26 October 54-56)
Please note that those who join the pilot are exempt from the 46 Euro fee for examination by the CEFR health committees.